Yellow Dye Concerns, Lead Apathy

Yellow Dye Concerns, Lead Apathy

Consumers are apathetic about dermal absorbtion of lead if the price is low enough.

Absorption of yellow dye may result in a variety of maladies.  Of course, more research money is needed but in the meantime we should be concerned.

Meantime, we seem to be apathetic about dermal absorption of lead if the price is a bargain.

We had yellow caution tape from China tested a few years ago.  It contained one percent lead. That’s 10,000 parts per million.  Thresholds for exposure to toxins are usually expressed in hundreds of parts per million max.


Consumers prefer it over the heavy metal free plastic we make here in the US because it is a lot cheaper.
The conscious choice is made daily to expose one’s fingertips to lead.  

75 FR 44463 bans lead in excess of 100 parts per million for the protection of children.  Adults are on their own to make an informed choice.

How can this be ?  The law of the land since 1978 in 16 CFR 1303  bans paint containing lead but not lead in the materials the painters, construction workers and first responders use.

Sell or rent a house these days and you get several pages from the EPA’s brochure about protecting your family from lead in your home even if the house was constructed after 1978.

The EPA tells us lead poisoning is preventable even if your home was built before 1978

Does this mean we are myopic or apathetic if the price is right ?

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