photo image: Food PackagingFlexible food packaging can many take forms ranging from simple plain bags to vertical form/fill/seal VFFS to a complex reverse printed lamination replete with features such as a reclosable plastic zipper or 4 side sealed quad stand up pouch.

All prolonged direct food packaging applications require FDA / Kosher approval and must have forgiving sealing characteristics often in a hostile environment. The polyethylene sealant layer is a critical component.

IQF frozen food packaging is an example of a demanding application whether surface printed or sealant layer of a lamination. The film must have good opacity for complex process printing, excellent roll geometry for high speed 10 color presses, and exhibit stability and salability through contaminants at sub zero temperatures.

We offer a variety of products for commodity and specialty applications such as bone guard, ice bags, bread bags, non fibrous casings, breathable films, permeable films, printable heat shrink bundling film and bagged water to name a few. Please call about these and other specialized food packaging applications. 

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