Surgical Drapes and OR Packs

iSurgical DrapeAll of our medical films are ETO and gamma e-beam sterilizable with fully functional anti stat properties where required. For prolonged and direct contact with human skin, we have films which have been thoroughly tested for biotoxicity. Learn about our Easy Tear / Linear Tear pouch film.


For disposable surgical OR packs used for human and veterinary surgical procedures, we have standard films for common drapes such as mayo stand covers, nurse’s back table covers, microscope drapes and fluid collection. These films can be laminated to nonwovens for specialty drapes and procedures. Pigments such as light blue, white and yellow are in stock.


Through collaboration with our customers, we design and produce custom made devices which incorporate features such as irregular shapes, fitments and tubing.


A replacement for PVC is required for devices and packages sold through distribution which can end up in countries which ban PVC. Polyethylene does not lend itself to RF sealing because it is a non-polar molecule. We can help with techniques to work around RF sealing.

We have developed a family of films which mimic the different “hands”, or modulus properties of PVC.

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