Surface Printable Films

photo image: surface printable filmWhether flexographic or rotogravure with solvent based or water based inks, printable polyethylene film has to be just right. Modern flexo printing presses and laminators which run at speeds over 1,000 feet per minute have zero tolerance for baggy film or film with camber.

PE film must be corona treated to specific dyne ranges with no backside treat to accommodate both solvent and water-based ink systems. Solvent-based inks require 38 to 40 dynes; water-based inks require minimum of 45 dynes.  Corona treated films must not have what is referred to as “backside” treat which is overtreated to the point of affecting the untreated side.  

Much film destined for vertical form/fill/seal V/F/F/S and MDPE soft goods overwrap is slit on the press. This makes good roll geometry essential.

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