Poly Layflat Tubing

Layflat tubing is now available in polypropylene.Layflat Tubing Lay flat / layflat poly tubing is flexible thin seamless plastic tubing pressed flat then wound on rolls. Lay flat tubing is synonymous with layflat tubing or lay-flat tubing.  Brentwood Plastics custom manufactures lay flat tubing made from polyethylenes ( LDPE and HDPE ), polypropylene and other specialty resins. While ” slit-seal ” tubing is cheap and works for light duty packaging, there is no substitute for seamless tubing in demanding applications. Meets MIL SPEC A-A-3174 There are many applications for layflat tubing ranging from precise width performance grades to “repro” or 100% internally recycled for less demanding applications such as rug packaging and temporary layflat duct tubing most often used in shipyards and construction. Layflat Tubing

Shown below are some photos from the lay flat tubing manufacturing process in our factory.  This is our first blown film extrusion line put in service in 1961.

Lay flat tubing has many applications. The most common is heat sealed bottom seal bags and replacement for autobags. Tubular lay flat bottom seal bags can be made with a thermal impulse heat sealer for packaging parts of varying length.

Lay flat tubing is widely used as a non-edible casing for portion controlled meat packaging by clipping the end of tubes filled with meat.  These are “cook-chilled” for later use.

An often asked question is how to translate lay flat width to diameter and diameter to layflat width.

To calculate lay flat width, multiply diameter X 3.1416 X .5 = layflat width

To calculate diameter, multiply layflat width X .6368 = diameter

Our standard manufacturing tolerance is plus 1/8″ / minus zero. For example, 3″ layflat 3.125″


We combine 100% food grade FDA, USDA, Kosher approved resins which all comply with MIL SPEC S/B LP 378 type 1 to make lay flat tubing to your performance standards.

Features such as pigmentation, UVI, plain anti-stat, pink anti-stat, are all available.

Brentwood Plastics has manufactured lay flat tubing for 57 years. We are manufacturers, so we have no stock poly tubing program. As manufacturers, we have rational manufacturing MOQ minimums for custom layflat tubing. Our prices are manufacturer direct; our short lead times may surprise you because we have several manufacturing lines.

Capabilities: 1″ to 78″ 1 mil to 10 mil

Distributors make comparison shipping difficult by stocking different roll lengths than other distributors. They make comparing the true cost per 1,000 feet of per pound of layflat tubing difficult. To save you time we created a spreadsheet to make it easy to compare published distributor prices where you will be able to compare price per 1,000 feet and price per pound.

This is a compilation of the three most popular US catalog houses –  UlineAssociated Bag and Elkay.  We have provided links to save you time if you only need a few rolls.

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