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In contrast to  Form / Fill / Seal weight calculations ( Kilograms per 1,000 Packages ) this calculator is for calculating weight per 1,000 cutoffs usually of tray shrinkwrap.

If you are shrink wrapping cases, you are a converter. You buy film by the kilogram and cut it off into sleeves before it goes into the shrink tunnel. If you buy 55.88 cm X 76.2 μm sheeting and have one ply on top & bottom, for practical purposes, you are making a bag (actually sleeves, prior to exposure to heat in the shrink tunnel).

Using the above example, your bags weigh 57.88 kilograms per 1,000 packages. Multiply the weight per 1,000 packages by the price per kilogram to derive the cost per 1,000 cases.

If you cutoff one sheet at a time – simple. Just imagine a bag by folding either the width or length of the cutoff so there are two plys.

Divide the web width in half X cutoff X gauge X .0001849 = kilograms / 1,000 cutoffs


    55.88 cm width

    76.2 μm (micrometer / micron) gauge

    93.98 cm cutoff

Half of the web width or ½ of 55.88:

    27.94 cm X 93.98 cm X 76.2 μm X  .0001849 =36.99 kg per 1,000 cutoffs

Half of the web cutoff or ½ of 93.98:

     46.99 cm X 55.88 cm X 76.2 μm X  .0001849 =36.99 kg per 1,000 cutoffs

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