Biodegradable Plastic

International Standards and Compliance Status1


GRAS list


Additives either listed in GRAS (generally regarded as safe ) or have been subjected to testing to ensure that they are within acceptable limits for migration into foods that are in contact with plastic packaging containing these additives
EU,EC-directive 94/62/EC
(20.12.1994) CONEG EPA
Compliant with all known regulations respecting metals content in product. Free of any of the elements commonly referred to as “heavy metals”: lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, selenium, barium, chromium, nickel, antimony. No active ingredients or the additives is classified as a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC)

DIN V 54900-3 (Germany)

ONS 2200, 2023

Tests showed absolutely no toxic or harmful by-products.
Plant TestsNo negative effects in the cress, summer barley plant, daphnia or earthworm tests. Substantiated by ecotoxicity tests.
EN 13432Showed no phytotoxic effects and the compost met all requirement of EN 13432 with respect to disintegration, compost quality and ecotoxicity.
ASTM D 6400Meets 3 of 4 requirements of this test which takes place in a flask, not a compost heap. Conversion into smaller elements does not occur rapidly enough to meet ASTM D 6400 standard.

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