Biodegradable Plastic

Test Method D 6954 – 04

D 6954-04 is one of many plastic biodegradability standards.  It is designed to measure the degradability of oxobiodegradable plastics.  Whether oxobiodegradables actually biodegrade is a huge controversy.

Samples are pre-aged in what is known as the QUV (accelerated weathering test ASTM D 5208 – 01) for different periods of time. The weathering data obtained represent comparative data measuring the difference in degradability before and after UV light exposure. Test conditions used: Cycle A 20 hours UV light, 4 hours condensation to replicate the effect of sunlight, heat, rain and dew in the day / night cycles. This is essential to determine the degradability rate of the finished product if accidentally exposed to UV light ( outdoor litter or exposure ).

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