Thermoforming Tray Pack

thermoformed deep-draw food packagingOur new METSFT metallocene can be deep-draw thermoformed, making it a low cost alternative to traditional films such as thermoformable nylon and other 5 to 7 layer coex structures.

Films traditionally used for vacuum forming are barrier films originally designed for packaging meat. Barrier is not necessary for many applications such as cook-chill, prescription packaging, electronics and tamper evident retail shipping mailers.

For medical tray pack, differentiating tray pack with our METSFT monolayer film makes counterfeiting more difficult, authentication / track and trace easier.

METSFT runs at maximum speeds on tray forming machines. It is more forgiving than PET (polyethylene terepthalate) and PLA (poly lactic acid) at much lower cost than ionomer. It is ideal for packaging that requires dimpled surfaces.

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