Shrink Wrap Bundling Film

We manufacture polyethylene shrink film for collation shrink wrap packaging trays of bottles, cans and unitizing. Heat shrink wrap is often referred to as heat shrink plastic, shrink bundling film, poly shrink pack and case wrap. We offer several application–specific shrink films such as perforated shrink wrap / vented shrink wrap and “film over film”.
We do not make “olefin” or “POF” or PVC shrink. 

Vented Shrink Film

Click here for a directory of heat shrink tunnel manufacturers.

photo image: Shrink Bundling Film

Both our industrial shrink wrap and clear printable shrink wrap films adapt to practically any heat shrink tunnel, shrink wrap machine or shrink wrapper to achieve a tight “bullseye” closure.

Unlike most extruders who consider shrink film to be a dumping ground, we use the same virgin resins and extrude them under the same conditions for you every time. The result is boring, consistent performance so you don’t have to constantly adjust heat shrink tunnel settings.

To make a heat shrink package fit you have to predict the shrink ratios in both the machine direction (MD) and transverse direction (TD). Too much or too little shrink in the transverse direction results in a sloppy “bullseye” on the side of the case.

shrink film bullseye

Watch this video to learn how to measure shrink film ratios.

Want to keep your PE shrink film suppliers honest?  Our yield auditor will show you how.Many extruders sell film by “gross weight”. What they don’t want you to know: they make film 10% thicker than spec replete with the hidden tare weight cost of cores and packaging. They sell more pounds with an actual cost much higher than the invoice price. 

Want to keep your PE shrink film suppliers honest?

Our yield auditor will show you how.

 Most specifications for transverse direction (TD) shrink are very loose. A high TD shrink film obviously requires a wider film and inherently higher cost.

Sold by “gross weight” *

 Brentwood PlasticsOther Extruders
ResinConsistent from same sourceInconsistent, commonly use off-grade resin
HazeConsistentNot Consistent
Reclaim other resinsNoYes
GlossConsistentNot Consistent
COFConsistentNot Consistent
Consistent shrink temp withing lots and lot to lot?ConsistentNot Consistent
Consistent MD / TD shrinkConsistentCan grow or shrink as much as 15%
Sold by “gross weight” *NoYes
Footage and weight marked on roll?YesReluctantly

 * gross weight defined as full 10% heavy, charging for heavy weight cores, stretch wrap and pallets.

Your shrink film supplier does not want to hear these questions:

1.  do you use only virgin fractional melt resin?

2.  will you provide the same resin 6 months, 6 years from now?

3.  will you blend in repro?

5.  will you reclaim any other resins laying around?

6.  will you give me the same blowup ratio every time?

7.  will you give me full gauge and not short the footage?

8.  will you put both the weight and footage on each roll ticket and also provide a tally sheet?

9.  will the COF be same every time?

Let us show you how to combine honest weights and measures with minimal TD shrink for lower cost and hassle-free performance.

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