Procedure Grade Mask

Our customer and partner Busse medical started manufacturing professional procedure grade masks at their factory in Hauppauge, Long Island NY. 

Busse’s marketing plan did not include the industrial market or direct to the consumer.  We are a master distributor primarily to industry. 

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If you are serious about containing the spread of COVID and consider a mask more than a necessary evil, read on. 

Their masks are second to none.  Better than 3M 1820, LINK  The nonwoven is very smooth.   It does not get scratchy after just a few hours.   Changing out 2 or 3 cheap masks a day is false economy. 

The nonwoven has been tested thoroughly for filtration efficiency of 99% and catches particles 0.1 microns.

Other subtle design features include pliable metal nose strip which prevents fogging of goggles and glasses.  

The ear loop string is also very soft; welded, not glued to the mask. 

The industrial market does not require individual or dispenser packing.  Our put-up is 500 per carton.  Any customer can be a distributor.  For a cost of 25 cents or less, there is what we call ” room “.  Some of our first customers were fundraisers. 

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