Not PVC Shower Curtains


Shower curtains or “shower screens” have been made from PVC. PEVA shower curtains have historically started to meet the demand for a PVC free shower curtain.

Brentwood Plastics not PVC Custom Print Shower Curtains opens up options for custom shower curtains not available to a PEVA shower curtain. PEVA cannot be digitally printed. Brentwood Plastics not PVC Custom Print Shower Curtains is a digitally printable media.

Whether you want one or thousands of unique shower curtains, digital printing makes it possible to make each designer shower curtain different. While there are plenty of cool shower curtains on the market which are screen printed, screen printing is short run but not one of a kind. There is also a hidden cost of the screen print dies which must be amortized.

If you’re looking for an extra long shower curtain, you are not limited to what’s on the shelf. Simply specify the length when you order.

To either make your bathroom or your hotel’s bathrooms unique, simply coordinate the shower curtain with Brentwood Plastics not PVC Custom Print Shower Curtains custom print wallcovering. 

You can communicate your human healthy / environmentally friendly message on your wallpaper.        


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