Gusseted Tubing

Gusseted tubing is layflat tubing with equal pleats in each side. Gusseted tubing can be made from LDPE, MDPE or HDPE polythene resins.

Gusseted Tubing

Brentwood Plastics has manufactured gusseted polyethylene tubing for conversion to bottom seal poly bags on bag machines for nearly 50 years.

The workmanship necessary for converter grade gusseted tubing means our gusseted tubing performs trouble-free on machines which make and insert bottom seal carton liner bags
into a box.

Gusseted tubing is available from a minimum of 6″ overall width (for example, 4″ face x 2″ gusset) to 36″ overall width (for example, 26″ x 10″).

In place of perforated case liners on a roll, gusseted poly tubing is made into case liner bags at the end of a production line then inserted into the case.

A popular machine is the OK International 220 series machine.

These machines require gusseted tubing made with even gussets and consistent COF (Coefficient of Friction) .

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