Brentwood Plastic Film FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can’t you fudge the roll weights and footage? Most of your competitors do.
A. See our polyethylene films weights and measures page.

Q. Do you make rigid sheet from resins such as polyethylene, acrylic, PET, polystyrene, ABS and polypropylene?
A. No.

Q. Do you make stretch wrap?
A. No. Pallet Stretch wrap is made by a completely different process. We purchase stretch wrap.

Q. Is there such a thing as “regular” poly film?
A. No. There are major differences between polyethylene resins. Visit our polyethylene page for the basics or read our blog on this subject. We have 11 kinds of film grade resin we blend to achieve specific properties.

Q. How do I convert price per pound to price per 1,000 bags, MSi, 1,000 lineal feet or 1,000 cutoffs?
A. Check out our polyethylene film weights and measures for conversion factors.

Q. Do you make pigmented films?
A. Yes. We have 14 stock colors and can match any PMS color. We can make any film tinted.

Q. What is the difference between poly centerfold A wind and poly centerfold B wind?
A. Visit our centerfold page for drawings.

Q. For food grade packaging poly films – what is the difference between FDA, USDA, CFIA and Kosher approval?
A. These standards are all different. Visit our certifications page for an explanation or contact us.

Q. What kind of biodegradable plastic is best?
A. This is a controversial subject. Most aspects of the debate are addressed on our biodegradable film page. We only extrude biodegradable resin if customer supplies it.

Q. What attributes are needed for IQF quick frozen food packaging?
A. IQF film must exhibit flexibility at frozen temperatures, seal through contaminants in a hostile environment and be FDA approved. Here’s a video on frozen food packaging.

Q. Why can’t I use a monolayer film with resistance jaws on VFFS machines?
A. Resistance jaws are bare metal. They need a multiple layer film which does not melt the outer layer when heat is applied.

Q. Why do all your prices not always change when commodity prices change ?
A. We have both commodity LDPE and LLDPE resins as well as “performance grades” which do not vary directly with feedstock costs. Depending on the amount of these resins in the finished product, the price will change accordingly. We have to forecast 6 months in advance and keep enough raw materials on hand for six weeks production. This is why prices do not change on the same day when a decrease is announced.

Q. Why can’t polyethylene be RF welded?
A. Polyethylene is not a polar molecule. For more information, visit our PVC replacement page.

Q. Do you make bags?
A. We subcontract the manufacture of specialty bags and pouches, usually when a customer requires continuity of supply of a specific polyethylene film. We do not manufacture perforated bags on roll. We are suppliers of LDPE film on rolls.

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PEVA film is not the only PVC substitute

PEVA materials are not the only PVC substitute film. PEVA film is a popular substitute where PVC has been banned mainly because it is what is known as a “polar”

PEVA film is not the only PVC substitute

PEVA materials are not the only PVC substitute film. PEVA film is a popular substitute where PVC has been banned mainly because it is what is known as a “polar”


Verbal shorthand when thrown around casually can lead to misunderstandings especially to an industry insider who takes these terms literally.  Herewith is a short explanation

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