Joel Longstreth

The Truth About Coextruded Film Packaging

A properly designed machine has no unnecessary parts.  Anybody who makes coextruded multilayer plastic films will tell you a simple monolayer plastic film is sooo 1970 !  Getting coex specified is a barrier to entry to monolayer film producers.   Complex is sexy.  Simple is boring.  Problem: There is an interdependency between the layers.  If something goes awry with […]

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Green Wash – What is Green Wash Plastics?

Greenwashing is ubiquitous. Claims of plastic biodegradability are vague and play into the public’s emphasis on end-of-life. The FTC lags in prosecuting specious claims and only prosecutes the most flagrant offenders. So how can one make an informed decision about ostensibly eco friendly biodegradable plastic without a 3 hour course on confusing biodegradability standards

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Polyethylene Density

The properties of polyethylene are most affected by the density of polyethylene. Without going into the vagaries of molecular weights and molecular weight distribution, there are 2 key polyethylene properties which are a function of density.  They are secant modulus ( a fancy word for stiffness or softness ) and heat resistance.  The lower the density,

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Carbon in PE film

Carbon specs in polyethylene LDPE film are inevitable.  I had to explain this to yet another prospective customer who has a zero tolerance for carbon in film. When simple hydrocarbons are exposed to prolonged heat, they become carbon when overcooked.  PE resin which gets hung up in the extruder eventually becomes carbon.  From time to

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