Medical Device Packaging

chevron / corner peel pouchFor medical device packaging, we have proven films for pouches with different requirements ranging from high visibility peel seal to corner peel seal, chevron peel seal and fusion sealing to nonwovens such as Tyvek®. For laser perforating, we have a laser and radio opaque film for easy tear in targeted areas of the package to facilitate aseptic presentation and double entry packaging.

Our straight line tear film can be notched anywhere on the web with a consistent propagational tear for aseptic presentation. Learn more about our new Easy Tear / Linear Tear pouch film.

medical device packaging
Medical devices and prescriptions packaged in vacuum tray form/fill/seal TFFS do not require the barrier properties of traditional TFFS packaging. In addition to lower cost, a monolayer thermoformable film makes counterfeiting and tampering more difficult.

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