Joel Longstreth

Poly Film Industry Consolidation

Like any industry which matures, there is first a dynamic growth curve followed by the inevitable consolidation wave.  The blown PE film business is both consolidating and contracting. By the 1920’s, there was a proliferation of automobile manufacturers in the thousands.  Aerospace didn’t havethousands of airplane manufacturers, but maybe hundreds.  An early map of the Kimberley …

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Factors Determining Shelf Life

Shelf life is subjective.   The definition of “use by” or “sell by” date depends on criteria and varying degrees of emphasis.   These dates are understandably conservative.   Let’s look at both the judging criteria and interdependent factors affecting shelf life. The judging criteria are: odor and taste      appearance      textureObviously the most common …

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High Density HMWDPE Conundrum

The acronyms HMWHDPE and  UHMWHDPE are confusing.  This discussion breaks down high molecular weight jargon. Starting with the MW bit –  MW is short for molecular weight.  MWD, or molecular weight distribution is the full name.  Accoring to Handbook of Polyethylene by Andrew Peacock:      ” The size of a polyethylene molecule is normally described in terms of …

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